Intended use. The modular bench is designed as sitting urban furniture, both for Indoor and outdoor space It can be used as single furniture but also as a part of a modular composition Construction – Like other pieces of urban furniture designed by Plan 1661, the bench achieves its purpose by being at the same time a great example of functionality and also a beautiful sculptural object that reflex in a stylized way the local tradition and customs. Originally designed to be made entirely of concrete, different site conditions and customers’ demands were able to design the bench entirely of wood or metals. The piece of bench is an unitary object, a compact one, whose realization is made completely in the factory and can be used as a singular object or as a part of a modular composition. On request, the bench may perform also the role of a luminaire, by adding LED bulbs under the sitting area, generating warm light a proper atmosphere for relaxation To break the monotony, the bench is sawed on side parts, and also a small portion of the sitting area with holes creating a traditional pattern, which, upon request, can be changed and adapted to the local custom of the site where will be sent.




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